Bobby Selvaggio

Saxophonist - Composer - Educator - Band Leader

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Bobby Selvaggio - Red Rhinoceros Revival


When Bobby came back to NE Ohio in the late 90's after living and performing in NYC for several years, he was looking for an ensemble where he could experiment with composition and improvisation. Red Rhinoceros was formed out of this desire to explore new things. Setting up a residency at the second Bop Stop on Est 6th St in Downtown Cleveland, Bobby composed music specifically for this ensemble and musicians. Red Rhinoceros was an octet that featured some of Cleveland's Young Lions on the Jazz scene in the late 90's, including Sean Jones on trumpet, Chris Karlic on bari, Kenny Anderson on tenor, Mark Mauldin on trombone, and Dan Bruce on guitar. As some of the members moved on to other cities to develop their own craft, Bobby disbanded Red Rhinoceros. Now, 15+ years later, Bobby is presenting the Red Rhinoceros Revival, featuring current NE Ohio Jazz greats Chris Coles on tenor, Brad Wagner on bari, Aaron Janik on trumpet, Sam Blakeslee on trombone, Dan Bruce on guitar, Kevin Martinez on bass, and Dan Fernandez on drums. Their first performance back will feature all of Bobby's original compositions from the original band. Come be a part of Cleveland History as Bobby Revives Red Rhinoceros at the legendary Cleveland Jazz venue the Bop Stop.