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" Bobby Selvaggio is one of the few young saxophonists

on the scene today

that captures you with his

strong presence,

focus, and sound. "

~ Joe Lovano










Bobby's new CD "Short Stories" will be released by Origin Records on May 20, his first for them. 

"Short Stories" features Bobby on alto sax, Aaron Goldberg on piano, Chris Baker on drums, and Ashley Summers on bass. 

Purchase a copy of "Short Stories" at Origin Records/Bobby Selvaggio,

iTunes/Bobby Selvaggio, or Amazon/Bobby Selvaggio.


All About Jazz Mark Corroto

Like the Japanese calligraphy art known as ensō, the condensed and succinct introduction alto saxophonist Bobby Selvaggio

delivers on the track "Price Of Being (Intro)" is a disciplined stroke, delivered with an ease and elegance that belies the character and

control required for such a statement. He works his instrument through this exercise with such command and strength,

 the sound gives the impression it is effortless........................Read the rest at All About Jazz.


Bobby was interviewed recently by Leon Bibb for his "My Ohio" show on Channel 5 News.

Watch the interview at Channel 5 News.




upcoming performances

You can find all of Bobby's performances on the Schedule link.

Bobby is excited to be performing with his Ensemble the Hendectet Jazz Collective

at the Bop Stop at the Music Settlement Firday, January 16th at 8:00p. Music charge is $10.

HJC features Chris Coles, Tony Spicer, Brad Wagner, Joe Badazcewski, Mark Russo, Chris Anderson,

Sam Blakeslee, Theron Brown, Cory Todd, and Dustin May.







*all photography by Heidi Rolf, Jacqi Thorn*

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