Bobby Selvaggio

Saxophonist - Composer - Educator - Band Leader

Finding Your Sound

We don't study the Jazz tradition for imitation purposes, we study the Jazz tradition to understand what this music means so we can work towards adding to the tradition with our individual voice. And we do that by understanding who we are and being honest about that, whatever that is. Sound. Not just the actual sound of the instrument, but everything you play; your lines, the types of rhythms, the harmonic inflections. Your sound is just a reflection of who you are. We all resonate a certain way. Our mind, body, and whole being resonate a certain way and we have to find a way to tune into that. If you want to tune into that, you must be like a calm stream. A calm stream resonates smoothly with everything around it. When the storm comes, the stream becomes violent and is unsettled with everything around it. a clouded mind is like the storm. Clear your mind, calm the stream, find your resonating self, and you will be on your path towards your individual voice. Continue the tradition moving forward!